The Angels, They're Falling
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My name is Emma.
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talking to another bisexual/pansexual/asexual person like


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dating me means dating my anxiety and my random spouts of depression it means dating my panic attacks at 11pm or 2 am or 5am or anytime of the day for that matter it means dating my mood swings where i get really upset over everything about me and all my insecurities and how i’m not good enough because i’m never good enough

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80% of my friendships on tumblr

me:we should talk more!
them:yeah we should!
both:*never talks to each other again*


after finding out that he:

is the same age as him:

I no longer feel like I look younger than I actually am

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i love when dogs sigh. its like, hey bud, long day at the office?

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Reblog if you think tattooing is an art form


Trying to prove a point

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Girl look at that body,

Girl look at that body,

Girl look at that body,

We should probably call the police who knows how long it’s been in the river.

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i find bad jokes funnier than funny jokes

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October feels like the home sweet home of all the months. The moment the calendar reaches October 1st I get this warm and cozy feeling that lasts for 31 glorious days. I absolutely love it.

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